What Can I Expect from a Dental Implants Procedure?

Dental Implants Atlanta GA

When undergoing a dental implant procedure, Dr. Damion Rockwell will put your mind at ease and make sure you fully understand the procedure. While there can be a lot of waiting, the benefits of dental implants are many and will ensure a great smile and strong facial structure for years to come. Below, we’ve described what one can expect when you have decided that dental implants are right for you.

For many patients that undergo dental implants, two surgeries are often required.

First Stage

The first procedure is the addition of the dental implant roots into the jawbone itself. Once they are put in place, a waiting period of generally three to six months ensures that the jawbone has bonded sufficiently with the implant, providing a strong stable base to attach your new teeth. During this time, temporary dentures can be worn and a restricted diet is recommended to avoid dislodging the implant or damaging the temporary denture. While all of this is going on, your permanent denture is being created by restorative dental experts that will conform to your jawbone and smile, as if they were your original teeth.

Dental Implants Atlanta GA

Second Stage

Once the dental implant has properly bonded with your jawbone, we can move on to the second stage of your procedure. Dr. Rockwell will surgically reveal the implants from the gum line, and connect a small healing collar to the area. An impression is taken to finalize the creation of your new teeth, and posts will be attached to the base of the dental implant that will allow your replacement teeth to be structurally sound. Overall, the entire procedure can take anywhere from six months up to eight months. Other than your trips to our office, you can expect to not encounter much interruption in your day to day life.

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