Dental Biopsies in Atlanta

Dental Biopsies Atlanta GA

Welcome to Rockwell Oral and Facial Surgery’s website page about biopsies. Very few people would determine on their own that they need a biopsy. Therefore, it is highly likely another dental professional has recommended you receive a biopsy. First and foremost a biopsy is not as foreboding as most people think. A biopsy is a simple procedure that can save you from much more severe problems. Rockwell Oral and Facial Surgery will walk you through each step of the biopsy process to ensure you understand the process before, during, and after the procedure.

What is a Dental Biopsy?

A dental biopsy is the process of removing tissue from a living organism to determine whether or not the dental tissue is cancerous or affected by another disease.

Dental Biopsy Atlanta GA

Why Do I Need a Biopsy?

Biopsies are a necessary part of determining whether a lesion is cancerous. Lesions are flat patches of abnormal cell growth. They can sometimes be caused by something in the oral cavity irritating the area. Any foreign object that is causing irritation should be removed and the area should heal in less than 14 days. However, when unexplained lesions appear and they begin to change in appearance a biopsy is recommended. Some of the most experienced dental professionals have difficulty determining whether lesions are just a change in oral mucosal tissue or cancer in the early stages. You should always follow the advice of your dentist or dental professional when they recommend a biopsy. There are several different methods of biopsy, but the objective is to quickly determine whether a lesion is benign or cancerous.

We Are Here to Assist You

Rockwell Oral and Facial Surgery is here to help you in this time of uncertainty. Our team will walk you through the process each step of the biopsy process. A biopsy is a relatively quick process and we will make sure you are as comfortable as possible throughout the biopsy process. We look forward to helping you.

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