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It’s not only badly broken or infected teeth that need removing sometimes – an overcrowded mouth can also benefit from selected orthodontic extractions. The highly experienced professionals at Rockwell Oral and Facial Surgery in Poncey-Highland, Midtown Atlanta, have specialist expertise in orthodontic extraction, including the removal of wisdom teeth, so call Rockwell Oral and Facial Surgery today, or book an appointment online.

Orthodontic Extraction Q&A

What is orthodontic extraction?

Orthodontic extraction means having a tooth removed. Reasons for having an orthodontic extraction include:

Enhanced appearance

In some patients, it’s possible to improve the appearance of the mouth without performing an extraction, but in others, these attempts could lead to protruding front teeth or lips. In these cases, tooth extraction is the best option.


In an uncrowded mouth, it’s possible to straighten teeth without putting undue strain on the teeth nearby. However, if your teeth are badly crowded, tooth extraction is often safer, as it avoids the possibility of pushing any teeth away from the jawbone, which could cause receding gums.

Impacted tooth

An impacted tooth is one that doesn’t grow properly, remaining inside the jaw. It usually happens with wisdom teeth, the last molars to erupt right at the back of your mouth. An impacted wisdom tooth can be painful and cause abscesses and infections, as well as disrupt the position of other teeth.

It’s sometimes possible to avoid removing an impacted tooth using the exposure and bonding for orthodontic tooth movement procedure, which encourages and guides the impacted tooth, so it grows and erupts properly. 

Do I need orthodontic extraction for overcrowded teeth?

Teeth overcrowding occurs when you have extra teeth, or your mouth isn’t big enough for all your teeth. Wisdom teeth are a common cause of overcrowding. Your oral surgeon at Rockwell Oral and Facial Surgery works with an orthodontist who specializes in teeth alignment and using braces to straighten teeth.

The orthodontist assesses the degree of overcrowding and how to make enough room for your teeth. They also fit you with any braces or other aids you might need to correct tooth alignment after your surgery.

How is an orthodontic extraction performed?

A simple orthodontic extraction takes place under local anesthetic. You might only need a simple extraction if the tooth is fully visible.

If the orthodontic extraction is on an unerupted tooth, or one that’s broken below the gum line, you might need a surgical extraction.

Your provider at Rockwell Oral and Facial Surgery goes through all the details of what’s going to happen during your consultation to make sure you understand why you need an orthodontic extraction.

If you have an impacted tooth or your teeth are overcrowded, call Rockwell Oral and Facial Surgery today to schedule an orthodontic extraction consultation or book an appointment online.