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A sinus lift is semi-common procedure required when patients are looking to have dental implants put in place to replace broken or missing teeth in the mouth. If you need a sinus lift, you are by no means the only one. In fact, for every five patients undergoing dental implants, one of those patients will require a sinus lift procedure performed before the dental implant procedure can continue.

A sinus lift, also known as the more long-winded “sinus floor augmentation procedure,” is a procedure we perform that adds bone and structure to the upper jaw. When a patient is in need of a proper support system to be put in place so their future dental implants can be placed, a sinus lift procedure is performed.

What to Expect

While undergoing a sinus lift, our team of professionals will add new bone to the area located between your sinuses around your nose, and the existing bone of your upper jaw. We make room for this new addition by moving the sinus membrane upwards and away from your jaw. The newly created space is where we will place a bone replacement material that will help create bone mass that fuses with your existing bone, providing a sufficient base for dental plants to be inserted into the jaw. A sinus lift and bone replacement will make sure your dental implants will stay where they are placed, for years down the road.

Atlanta GA Sinus Lift

Why a Sinus Lift Is Needed

As we age, our sinus membrane, or maxillary sinus, grows larger inside the sinus cavity in our head. This can happen naturally as the maxillary sinus moves near the jaw bone, not allowing enough space and clearance for the dental implants to be affixed to the bone securely.

If you lost your teeth some time ago, a sinus-lift procedure will often need to be performed due to bone decay that happens as a symptom of the tooth loss. When teeth have been absent for quite a while, the bone loss will create the necessity for a sinus lift to be completed before moving on with the dental implants.

The Procedure

The sinus lift procedure includes raising the tissue in the back of the mouth, to reveal the membrane behind the bone. Once the membrane is revealed, we will gently move it away from the jaw bone, and apply bone replacement material in its place. After this is done, we will stitch up the area and provide you will home care instructions as well as follow-up material.

Sinus Lift Atlanta GA

The Recovery

A sinus lift can be handled by our professional staff and you will be home the same day. Once at home, be careful to avoid sneezing or blowing your nose in the event that it could dislodge the newly placed bone replacement material. We will have you return so we can check to make sure the stitches are dissolving properly, and in some cases we might just remove them on a follow-up visit. If dental implants are your next step in the process, it is recommended to wait at least four months before having the dental implant procedure done. At times, it can take up to nine months.

By working with our professional and caring staff, we’ll provide you with a personalized follow-up and recovery plan to ensure the least amount of discomfort and inconvenience related to your sinus lift procedure. Give us a call and speak with our staff today and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about sinus lifts.

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