Teeth in a Day in Atlanta

Teeth in a Day Atlanta

What Are Teeth in a Day?

Teeth-in-a-day refers to a process used to receive dental implants and replacement teeth all in the same day. This process can truly transform someone’s appearance and comfort level like no other dental procedure. The teeth-in-a-day process is designed for individuals that are missing all of their teeth or have extreme discomfort with dentures. Teeth-in a day takes careful planning and organization on our part to make sure we have everything ready for the day of your procedure. Rockwell Oral and Facial Surgery will outline the primary steps involved with the teeth-in-a-day procedure below.

The Steps Involved with the Process:

  • Initial Consultation and Dental Examination – Rockwell Oral and Facial Surgery will first make sure you are a good candidate for the procedure. We will review your dental and medical history to make sure we have a comprehensive understanding of your information. Rockwell Oral and Facial Surgery will then perform an initial exam. A CT scan will be performed which will show us all blood vessels, soft tissue, and bone in and around your oral cavity.
  • Making a Good Impression – Making a good impression is not only important when meeting people, it is also important in dentistry. All jokes aside, we will make an impression of your mouth. An impression is an imprint of the soft and hard tissues in your mouth. A great impression is what will allow your new teeth to be created with precision and accuracy.
  • High Quality 3-D Imaging & Simulation – 3D imaging allows us to see things that a simple CT scan would not allow us to see. We will be able to see a lot of the same information such as blood vessels, soft tissue, and bone. But, we will also be able to see them in much more detail and determine additional important factors like bone density. 3D imaging helps us to determine how many implants are needed and the precise location they need to be located. People usually have either 4 or 6 implants. Implants are what your new teeth will be attached to and the implants will keep your new teeth stable.
  • The Day of Surgery – We will perform the necessary extractions. Following the extractions, we will work on shaping the bone so your new teeth will fit correctly. Once bone shaping has been completed, the implants will be inserted in their rightful positions. Immediately after implants have been placed, your new teeth will be attached to the implants.
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What to Expect After the Surgery

The first thing you should expect after the surgery is a complete dental transformation. All of the careful planning and steps that go into the process will pay off the first time you see your new smile. You will also have the ability to eat with ease and pronounce words more clearly once you have adjusted to your new teeth. We will schedule a follow up appointment which will be approximately two weeks after the procedure. It is important for us to make sure the areas in your mouth around the implant areas are staying healthy. Additionally, we will check to see if your implants are stable and secure.

Long-Term Healing

The healing process can take up to four months. While normal eating will be able to take place with ease, you should avoid foods that are tough to chew or tacky. Those types of foods will add an increase strain on your implants. Once you have healed, your temporary teeth will be removed and your permanent teeth will be attached to the dental implants.

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Rockwell Oral and Facial Surgery is the right oral surgery practice to perform the Teeth-in-a-day procedure. Our practice will be with you every step of the way. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you have. Our practice is here to help. We look forward to providing you with a long term solution to your dental needs.

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